About Us

Nice day to and let me welcome you to Day by Day Center site. This is an organization and group that will cater you needs and we are happy to help you and sort out any problems that you have in your mind. We can offer you different services from everyday life. You can avail of our special promos and packages. You can also have monthly freebies from us.  

We are becoming bigger and bigger as time passes by. We are very pleased to inform you that you can be one of those lucky winners monthly that can win special prizes and discounts on your next purchase. You can have a carpet cleaning Windsor for free if you avail of our special services. You can also enjoy some special trip and travel if you win on our raffles.  

Above all of these, we are giving you the guarantee that we are having the best and excellent people to handle your cases and problems. They are well-trained and capable of sorting out the basic problem and even the worst one. All you have to do is to contact us and let us analyze the problem and tell you the possible cause and solution to this. You have the option to say and to say yes if you would like to try our services. We are much happy to give you a free trial and tutorial services. We are providing the best and professional people and service to give you an outstanding experience.